Moats for Congress

Frequently Asked Questions:

In Two Sentences, What is the American Political Situation?

If we stay on our present heading, we are going to arrive where we are headed.

We will replace the democratic republic the founders gave us with a Marxist People's Republic.

Who is Ed Moats?

See Qualifications.

I am a conservative Republican.

I am a conservative blade of grass from the conservative grass roots.

Why Are You Running for Congress?

Politicially, to provide a conservative option for the voters of the First Congressional District.

Philosophically, because I know what peril faces America, and I know what must be done about it.

What is the Liberal Juggernaut?

The Liberal Juggernaut is the two-step modus operendi by which the left intends to gain permanent majority status in American government.

The two-step plan is:

(1) Create mass dependency, and

(2) Rescue the dependents with federal dollars.

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