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The GOP Challenge for 2014 :

On Election Day 2012 Mit Romney awakened to the belief that he was going to be elected president. So thought many others, including Rush Limbaugh and myself. Later that day disaster struck, leaving many of us bewildered.

Jerome Corsi has analyzed the disaster in his book "What Went Wrong?" Corsi says Romney lost because Republicans failed to energize their base.

Others agree. Rush Limbaugh says some 5 million people voted for McCain but not for Romney. Mike Huckabee says if 10% more conservatives had voted in 2012, Romney would have won.

The lesson is that to win in 2014 Republicans must energize their base.

How do we energize the base? Ted Cruz & Rand Paul say we energize the base by standing on principle, not chasing demographics.

Eschew demographics; pursue principle!

This means Republicans should not be asking, "How do we get the blue-eyed vote...the brown-eyed vote...the green-eyed vote?" . To the contrary, Republicans should ask "what are the principles that resonate with our base?" A working guide to those principles can be found in the Republican platform. Here is a short list of these principles:

  • Pro-property
  • Pro-gun
  • Pro-life
  • Pro-marriage!
  • Pro American Military power
  • Pro restoring the economy by releasing it from the death grip of the federal government.
  • Pro American energy independence
  • Pro Maintaining American control of the Internet
  • Against Amnesty for illegal aliens
  • Against destroying the coal industry
  • Against crippling the oil industry

Sun Tzu emphasized in his "Art of War" that the pinnacle of strategy is the disruption of the enemy's strategy. In our case the essence of the democrat strategy is the maximization of dependence by seizing control of healthcare with Obamacare and using the federal bureaucracy to cripple the economy to destroy jobs. To counter this strategy Republicans should repeal Obamacare and release the economy from the death-grip of the federal bureaucracy.

Immigration Policy Review:

The President, the Democrats, and some House Republicans are calling for a review of our immigration policy. Do we need a review of our immigration policy? Certainly. We can and should have an adult conversation about immigration policy review; but not until after the border has been secured.

In addition, Speaker John Boehner is correct in his observation that the President has repeatedly shown himself unwilling to faithfully execute the laws. As immigration reform has been highly politicized by the President and the Democrats, the President cannot be trusted to abide by any reform legislation.

Therefore, my stance on immigration policy review is: secure the border, and then we’ll talk, after Obama has left office.

Also, when we talk about immigration policy review, the principle guiding that conversation must be that the purpose of American immigration policy is to benefit America